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Projects:French Fiscal/Openbravo Compliance Management System


Openbravo Compliance Management System

Openbravo has implemented, evaluated and will update if required, a Compliance Management System designed to ensure that each cash register system distributed or updated distributed, meet the LNE standard requirements v 1.6.


This section is intended to determine and register the internal and external issues as well as risks associated with the compliance of the cash register system distributed.

For any risk identified, the corresponding Action and Owner have also be stablished in order to monitor, reduce and eliminate the risk, if possible.

For additional information, please review the document: Openbravo Risk Analysis v 6.0.

Roles and Responsabilities

Openbravo is a software solution vendor that offers a global POS and retail management software with the aim of helping midsize and large business to successfully manage their retail operations.

Openbravo Commerce Suite” is the Openbravo’s commercial offering for the Retail Industry. This suite offers a unique store solution or cash register system, composed by a set of modules that once installed on top of Openbravo, deliver the retail functionality provided by Openbravo and the technology to extend and create new retail functionality to adapt Openbravo as required.

Besides that, Openbravo Commerce Suite is backed by a complete back office functionality that is the Openbravo Business Suite. The Openbravo business suite offers a comprehensive business management solution with built-in ERP capabilities.

Openbravo Product Software Engeering team

The Openbravo design and development proccess is intended to establish, implement and maintain the subsequent provision of the Openbravo product's suites.

The Openbravo Product SW Engineering team is responsible of all the task related to the design and development process, and it is composed by below list of teams:

Those teams include below listed roles and responsibilities:

Openbravo Services team

Finally, Openbravo offers an implementation framework named "Openbravo Implementation framework", proposed to provide a proven, understandable and scalable guide for Openbravo implementation projects whatever size they are. Every time that a new customer opportunity clearly reach a mature status, an implementation project starts based on the "Services" team work prevously done in regards to opportunity qualification and final proposal.

Openbravo Services team is the team responsible for the configuration/deployment of the Openbravo Commerce solutions on the end-customer site. This team is composed by below listed roles and responsabilities:

Objectives and implementation of the CMS

Openbravo CMS implementation is based on the definition of:

It is important to remark that each objective and indicator will be monitored and recorded by the person in charge, who will also inform to the persons concerned.

For additional information, review the document Openbravo Compliance Objectives and Indicators v 2.0

Legal and regulatory watch

Same way, the CMS implemented will be updated if the context evolves as the Functional PM Lead, in collaboration with the Openbravo French team located is Lille, are the recipient of the information bulletins of French legislation, such as:

Establishment of compliance checks

Openbravo has implemented and will record a set of effective compliance checks for the activities of design & development, installation, configuration, and integration, in order to ensure that the technical requirements of the LNE standard version 1.4 are met and that non-compliance is avoided or detected and corrected.

To get that working Openbravo will provide to:

In the event of a non-compliance, it will be required to record the analysis of the cause and the actions taken in order to correct the NC. In such cases, the competent person will have to contact and therefore keep informed, the Functional Team.

Design and development of the collection system

Openbravo design and development process is described in the wiki page Openbravo Design and Development process.

The elements resulting from the design process of the French Fiscal certification is recorded in the below listed documents:

The outcome of the development process is:

The following elements of the development are defined and recorded in the documents listed below:

Control of subcontractors

Openbravo may subcontract design, development and integration activities on top of Openbravo cash register system feature, but not in the French Fiscal module as this one is being maintained only and exclusively by Openbravo.

Identification and traceability of distribution

Each cash register solution distributed by Openbravo is identified along with the version distributed in the corresponding internal documentation.

Communication with customers

Openbravo will transmit to their Openbravo Web POS (cash register system) users that:

Besides the above, Openbravo contracts to end-users will include several clauses to:

In any case, Openbravo make sure that all above mentioned documents will be available to internal teams and users, for three years after the final distribution date of the certified cash register system.

Use of the LNE mark - Cash Register System

Hereby, Openbravo undertakes to comply with the conditions for use of the LNE mark, that is:


Evaluation and improvement of MSC performance

Openbravo assess to:

to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the implemented compliance management system.

Anomaly handling

Openbravo ensures that non-compliance cash register systems will be identified and controlled in order to prevent their distribution and use.
To get that Openbravo will create an entry for each non-compliance issue found in the tool, where it will:

Those non-compliance entries will be assigned to the compliance team by default, for its analysis and management as described above.

Besides the above, Openbravo will:

Records management

Openbravo manages all records cited in this standard, as well as all records deemend relevant in the file below.

OB CMS - Records Management v 2.0

Hereby Openbravo commits to ensure the correct storage, protection, duration of conservation and deletion of these records.

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