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Functional Usage Audit - Functional Specifications


Within this project it will be developed the necessary infrastructure to track (Audit) the functional usage of Openbravo.


The purpose of the project is to store all the requests made to the backend. With this data it will be possible to make functional usage reports. On each request it will be saved:

Design Considerations


The usage audit should also work on the new window implementation of 3.0

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements based on business processes

Num Requirement Importance Status
1 Save on a table each request to the backend.

Information stored:

  • Object type: (window, process, report,...)
  • Object id: (window_id, process_id,...)
  • AD_Module_ID: module id owner of the object
  • AD_Session_ID: identifier of the session that has made the request.
  • Command: The command of the request.
Must have Done
2 Add a flag on System Info window to enable/disable the usage audit. Must have Done
3 Add a tab on session info to show all the usage data collected on each session. Must have Done
4 Send functional usage summary (requests number per module) to heartbeat if it is enabled. Must have Done

User interface mockups

Usage audit tab:

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Technical Requirements

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