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Projects:Generic COA/User Manual


Installation Instructions

To install this module, log into Openbravo as a System Administrator and open the Module Management window. You can then search the module in the Add Module window using the name Generic Chart of Accounts and following the guided installation and build flow.

After installation, the Generic Chart of Accounts will be available for selection during Initial Client Setup and Initial Organization Setup. Please refer to these instructions for more details.


After having created an organization with this chart of accounts, you will have in your system an accounting schema that references it. To complete the configuration you need to take the following two additional steps:

Completing the accounting defaults

To complete the accounting defaults.

Setting up the Balance Sheet and Income Statement Reports

Balance Sheet

To configure the Balance Sheet report:

Income Statement (Profit & Loss)

To configure the Income Statement report:

Fine tune layouts of reports

In order to obtain a properly formatted balance sheet report, the following change is recommended:

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