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Projects:Gift Certificate BURN Rule/User Guide



What is a loyalty rule?

In loyalty programs:

This module provides a new BURN rule which generates gift certificates. This rule can be both used to:

Gift Certificate BURN Rule Type Config.png

Where can the rule be found?

Loyalty rules are defined in the BackOffice inside EARN Rule Type, BURN Rule Type and category Rule Type windows. This are source data windows and those are just available when logged as system administrator.

As this one is a BURN rule, it should be configured under BURN Rule Type window.

Gift Certificate BURN Rule Type.png

How to configure the rule

Loyalty Program window

BURN rules are configured inside Loyalty Program window. BURN rules are defined for an specific loyalty program, under BURN Rules tab, this means are shared among all loyalty program subscribers.

Gift Certificate BURN Rule Loyalty Program.png

Burn Run window

BURN rules can as well be configured inside Burn Run window. Burn process can be scheduled to be run periodically. This executions are configured in the Burn Run Window. Existing BURN rules can be configured in this screen for that background process. There is as well a mechanism to copy a previous Burn Run and the related configuration. Once the Burn Run record is set as ready, the background process will take them into account.

Gift Certificate BURN Rule Burn Run.png

Configuration Tab

A new configuration tab will be displayed bellow the BURN rule definition. This tab can be used to deploy the rule configuration:

Gift Certificate BURN Rule Configuration.png

There are four new mandatory fields required to configure the rule:

Burning of Points

When points are burned for a given subscription, system, using the defined conversion, will determine the amount for the gift certificate in the currency defined by the financial account in the configuration tab. To determine the amount based on a number of points, conversion defined will be used.

Gift Certificate BURN Burned Points.png

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