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This document is to form the functional specification for the redesigned Goods Movement Report to be implemented in Openbravo ERP. The requirement to rewrite this report has come about as the current report does not truly reflect the purpose for the report, originally based on a custom project request the report is heavily dependent on the Project field in the header.


The Goods Movement Report should show the user a print out of the details contained within a Goods Movement Report. The print out will be fired from the print icon in the toolbar.

This information contained within the report should be sufficient for a user to locate and the product and quantity and physically move it to the new location.


Openbravo ERP issue number 243

Design Considerations

The report will be generated within the existing Openbravo ERP framework using iReport and WAD.


The report will be implemented inside the existing Openbravo framework, and will be run via the 'Print' icon in the Goods Movement window.




Product - an inventory item as defined within the Openbravo ERP application. Warehouse - a physical space as defined within OpenbravO ERP. Storage Bin - a physical location within a warehouse. Movement Date - a date on which the movement will be performed.

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Warehouse Manager - this user will be responsible for the creation and processing of a goods movement.

Storeperson - this role is responsible for realizing the movement request based on the information in the printed Goods Movement

Business process definition

BP1. Goods Movement Transaction Creation

The user of this report will navigate to Warehouse Management -> Transactions -> Goods Movement to open the window. From here the user will complete the information in the Header tab and subsequent lines for the Header. When this information is saved the user will click the Print icon to generate a printed representation of the transaction.

BP2. Goods Movement Report Realization

Based on the information presented in the Goods Movement Report the storeperson will relocate the itemized products and quantities from/to the relevant locations within warehouses. To fulfill this process the storeperson will require the following information:

BP3. Process Goods Movement

Following the completion of the physical movement of goods the goods movement transaction should be finalized and processed to update the system. This will involve updating the lines in the Goods Movement with the actual physical movement details. The user will click process movement to finalize the update.

User stories

The following table shows a break down of the user stories identified to complete the functional specification within this document.

ref title func spec ref description priority dependencies
1 Goods Movement Transaction Creation BP1 The system will allow the user to print the information contained within the Goods Movement. MEDIUM -
2 Goods Movement Realization BP2 The system will create a printed document that shows the product, quantity, current storage bin, and new storage bin for stock movements. Included in the document will be space for the storeperson to include quantity and notes physically moved. MEDIUM -

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

The current user interface as it exists in version 2.40 of Openbravo ERP is sufficient for this function. The only addition will be the inclusion of a print icon in the toolbar for a Goods Movement that has been successfully created and saved.

Goods Movement Report - Output MockUp

Client Client Name from Goods Movement Header - REQUIRED
Organisation Organisation Name from Goods Movement Header - REQUIRED
Movement Date Movement date field from Goods Movement Header - dd-MMM-yyyy - REQUIRED
Name Name field in Goods Movement Header - REQUIRED
Description Description field in Goods Movement Header - OPTIONAL

Movement Ref Product Attribute Description Current Storage Bin Alias Current Storage Bin Detail Target Storage Bin Alias Target Storage Bin Detail Quantity UOM Notes
123456-21-Jul-08 Product Name Attribute Value Description field from line view M1 Main Warehouse 1-1-1 M2 Main Warehouse 2-1-1 100 Bags

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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