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Projects:Google Map Localization


Google Map Localization

Bulbgraph.png   Note: This module has not comercial license therefore is not officially supported by Openbravo.


Welcome to Google Maps Localization module for Openbravo. This module allows to locate any element of any Openbravo window in Google Maps. There exists two new buttons in the toolbar which they permit this functionality.

See the screenshot below to identify those buttons (the two buttons on the right):


How it Works

The first one is used to register a selected element on the map (only enabled if one record is selected). Follow this steps to complete this action: Select one record in the grid an push the button. This will open a popup with a Google Maps embbebed on it. Press right-click on any place. A menu will be opened(Zoom in, Zoom out, Center map, Register Location). With the last option the element will be registered in that location. See the example below:


The second button is used to represent in the map the elements that have already been located. This button will be enabled always; With one element selected, more than one, or even no one. If no one is selected, all elements of the grid that has location will be shown in the map (after applying desiderated filters).


This will open another popup with embebbed Google Map, showing all the elements selected before. Clicking on the markers the information of the elements will be represented on a Info Window:


Business Partners and Sales Orders

Bussiness Partner and Sales Order windows, they already have an address, then, it won't be necessary to first locate them on the map. Just push the button to show the elements, and they will be represented.

Demo Videos

Find two links to some videos showing a short Demo of the functionality:

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