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Projects:Grid Display Logic as Read Only/Specs



Display Logic allows to show or hide a field based on some conditions (such as other fields' values). Currently, this logic is implemented when a record is being visualized/edited in form view, but when visualizing/editing in grid view, this logic is not taken into consideration at all.

This causes that users can edit values that should be hidden.

Grid Display Logic

Implementing read only logic in grid view has several technical problems:

Because of all these technical issues, grid display logic implementation has been discarded.

Alternative approach: Display Logic as Read Only

An alternative and pragmatic approach to implement display logic in grid, would be to implement it as read only logic, it would be solely applied when a record is edited in grid view but not for the rest of records in the same grid.

Read Only logic is already implemented both for grid and form views. This implementation would be extended when editing in grid view to handle also display logic in the same manner.

This approach wouldn't have any of the problems mentioned in the section above.

UX design

Different UX alternatives:


UX selected

The decision regarding the implementation of UX is the first option. Display logic will be taking into account in grid view and it will be implemented it as read only logic.

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