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Projects:Humancapitalmanagement/Employee Information Management/Development Status


This document tracks the development of the Employee Information Management module.

Development Phase
Deliverable Description Changes made Comments Sprint Status
Structure Implementation Table Creation - Column addition to core tables
  • 10 tables
  • 4 core tables modified
11 Done
User Interface Implementation Window, menu entry, etc. creation 11 Done
Reference Data Insertion 12 Done
Other UI component implementation Order fields in windows, display logic, field groups, etc. 12 Done
Employee filter creation Selection of the columns of the filter 12 Done
Add Manager Function Initial iteration done as a PL function 12 Done
Trigger Team Implement trigger to update read only fields on team window 12 Done
Trigger Employee Implement trigger to update read only fields on employee header 12 Done
Creation on messages used in the functions 12 Done
Trigger Exit Date Implementation of the trigger fired when an employees exit date field is updated. 12 Done
Trigger Employee Implementation of needed to trigger to be able to enter records in employee window 12 Done
Make default function Development done as PL in the first iteration 12 Done
Complete Process Development done as PL in the first iteration 12 (extra) Done
Trigger Full/Part time 12 (extra) Done
Callout known as 12 (extra) Done
Trigger for other citizenship 12 (extra) Done
employee Number feature 12 (extra) Done
Complete Process Logic Make tab read only, fill 'new' record with previous values, etc. 12 (extra) Done
Implement tree Bug blocking the way. workaround implemented. 15 Done
Employment Information Callout 12 (extra) Done
Callout for auxiliar input 12 (extra) Done

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