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Projects:Humancapitalmanagement/Employee Information Management/Test Cases

   NOTE: This test cases are not up to date! Updated test cases can be found at [Testlink]

Test cases for the Employee Information Management - Common module. This module is part the Human Capital Management extension module. This test cases will verify that the module accomplishes with all the requirements described in the Functional Specification.

This test cases have being prepared to be tested with Small Bazaar sample data.

The structure for the test cases is:


Module Installation

  NOTE: This test cases are not up to date! Updated test cases can be found at [Testlink]

1.Install Module

Module Setup

1. Defaults setup

2. Create Salary Categories

3. Create Positions

4. Create Contract types

5. Create Teams

6. Insert Employee Headers (Managers)

7. Assign Managers to Teams

Employee Creation

1. Create Employee Header

2. Create Contact Information for Employee

3. Create Location/Address for Employee

4. Create Bank Information for Employee

5. Create Employment Information for Employee

6. Create Family Member for Employee

7. Create Operational Resource information for Employee

Modifications on current employee

1.Employee is promoted to manager

2.Employee changes organization

3.Employee changes team

4.Employee changes salary category

5.Employee changes position

6.Employee changes commitment from part time to full time

7.Employee Leaves company

Module Uninstallation

1.Uninstall Module

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