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Initial Data Load Extension for Orders - Functional Specifications


There is a project called Initial Data Load: "Within this project it is expected to develop a set of utilities, that will import into a fresh Openbravo ERP installation all the necessary data to start working with it." It's very recommendable to be familiarized with this project before continue reading. Here you have some documentation.

Orders were not scoped in the Initial Data Load project so here it is an extension than would cover their load into the system.

Note: This module will not work with price list using "Price including taxes" functionality


The purpose of this project is to create a module that implement an Initial Data Load extension for loading Orders into the system. The source of the data will be CSV files in predefined format. The implementator will have to fill up these files to use the utility.


Fields and Validations

Everything or Nothing

The Load of the file follow the rule "Everything or Nothing". No matters how many lines were correctly processed that if only one was wrong nothing will be loaded. So if something was wrong fix the file and try again.

Document Sequence


Suppose you have two suppliers that send you purchase orders with the same number sequence but you don't want to take care about the DocumentNo. If you load leaving the DocumentNo in blank with the Order Reference filled the second order of the second supplier will show you an error because system think is repeated. To fix this exists AUTO mode.

If you put the word AUTO in the DocumentNo field the order will be loaded without checking if there are others in the system with the same DocumentNo.

IMPORTANT: If you use Auto mode the system wont prevent you if you try to load the same file two times!!!!!!

Note: This module will not work with price list using "Price including taxes" functionality

Default Values

You can use Default Values from IDL in almost all fields. They should be created in:

Default values has preference when a field is empty


Prices can be set in three different ways:

1.- Fields Net Unit Price and Field Net List Price of the line

2.- Using Field Price List Version of the line

3.- Using Price List from the Header

Note: This module will not work with price list using "Price including taxes" functionality

Preference rules:


  1. It's empty in the file (CSV)
  2. Don't have a default value in the application



1. Is Sales Order Transaction *


2. Organization *

3. Document No. **

4. Order Reference **

5. Description Header

6. Transaction Document *

7. Order Date *

8. Accounting Date

9. Promised Date

10. Business Partner Searchkey *

Partner Address

11. User/Contact

12. Price List


13. Sales Representative / Company Agent

14. Print Discount

15. Form of Payment

16. Payments Terms

17. Invoice Terms

18. Warehouse Search Key

19. Project


20. Product

21. Description Lines

22. Ordered Quantity *


23. Price List Version

24. Net Unit Price

25. Net List Price

26. Tax

Line Net Amount


Final Status of the Order

Field Process

The last field indicates if the order will be imported in Draft Status or Completed.

27. Process *

Note: Orders are processed just after import all the lines so if there is a problem processing one order that ends on line X of the file the error will be showed on line (X+1) with a message like this:

PREVIOUS Order with DocumentNo / OrderReference : 100043 / NA1222 can't be processed :  ERROR: The Period does not exist or it is not opened

Field Order Loaded by IDL

There is a read-only field on orders called "Order Loaded by IDL" that only appears if the order has been loaded with IDL Extension for Orders.

The possible values are:


Files Example

Files must be codified as UTF-8 to avoid problems with special characters

[|Files Example]

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