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Automatic Tests

As part of the project, it has been developed a new testing infrastructure that emulates the behavior of a cluster working with the ping service and different cluster services. The code of this infrastructure can be found here.

Together with this automatic tests some other manual tests has been performed during this project. The details of the test plan can be seen here.


The changes introduced in this project must be transparent in terms of performance, indeed, when the environment is not configured to work in cluster, the new changes included in core are not affecting the standard behavior.

When working in cluster, the ping service is using its own independent transaction to check/register the leaders for each service. It has been ensured that the duration of each database transaction used by the thread is short.

Along the testing phase of this project, it has also been verified that no connection leaks are created by the thread handling the ping service or by the cluster service infrastructure. This has been done by monitoring the PostgreSQL statistics collector during the execution of the tests.

Code Review

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