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The goal of this project is to improve the robustness of Web POS when synchronising tickets/sales orders with the backend.

The Web POS has a built in mechanism to ensure that tickets are not lost in case there is an error. This mechanism saves the raw JSON ticket information to a special table in case there is an error when saving it in the standard Openbravo tables.

However, in the past there have been some problems which in some circumstances have led to data lost. The goal of this project is to verify that these cases are fixed, and similar ones will not happen again.

Past problems with ticket synchronization

The main cause of problems with ticket synchronization in the past have been:

Concrete Actions to Improve the Failsafe Ticket Synchronization

There are two main groups of tasks to improve this part of the Web POS: specific parts of the code to be fixed, and parts of the code to be reviewed to ensure that there is nothing wrong anymore (after having been fixed in the past)

Parts of the code to be changed

Components to be reviewed


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