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Web POS Login Process Review

The main topics delivered by this project is to improve the performance and reliability of the login, and at the same time improve the way errors during the login are managed and communicated to the user.

Right now the performance of the login is less optimal. In addition due to the higher number of requests, its reliability is also on unreliable networks is not as robust as needed.

The performance of the login functionality is improved by moving some tasks which currently are required for the login to be completed now, to sometime later after the login. This improves reliability, as the probability of the network going down while the login takes place is smaller if there are fewer requests during the login.

Apart from this, the changes also improve the way errors are managed during the login in two ways: it verifies that the current validation system still works and it ensures that it is completed.

Also the current model and property infrastructure are adapted so that if there are errors in the backend side, these are captured and shown to the user instead of continuous “loading” screen.

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