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Improve UI Visibility - Functional Specifications



This project aim to improve the feedback that Openbravo UI provides to the user. This project has two different parts:

Design Considerations

Application focus visibility

Functional requirements

Window status and the transitions

Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 The time response in some window/frames is more than one second so the user sees a blank page while he is waiting for response. It would be better to show a "loading" icon (perhaps with some dynamic effect) to better explain to the what is going on. This icon should be light enough to avoid performance issues. Should have Not started
1.2 When invoking processes in Openbravo there should be a UI mechanism to explain to the user that the system is "Processing" the request. For example, when the user clicks the button that launches the process a "Processing" icon (perhaps with some dynamic effect) is popped up. Should have Not started
1.3 The application window (in both edition and relation modes) has different status that should be communicated to the user. Should have Not started
1.3.1 Edition mode: Record edition (user has not done changes), Record editing (user has done changes), New record creation (user has not done changes), New record editing (user has done changes). Does it make sense to have different status for a new record with and without user changes?. Should have Not started
1.3.2 Relation mode: Datagrid loading, Datagrid loaded. Should have Not started
1.4 The solution proposed to communicate to the user the status of a window is to include an icon (perhaps with some dynamic effect) within the toolbar (in the blank space between buttons and linked items) related to the current status. Should have Not started

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