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Projects:Initial Client Setup Refactor



Currently, initial client setup process is implemented in a servlet, with these steps covered:

  1. Creation of a new client
  2. Creation of the trees for the new client
  3. Creation of a new user for the new client
  4. Creation of the roles of the new client and new user
  5. Creation of the document types for the new client (here everything is hard-coded: names for the document types, creation of doc.types, templates, etc)
  6. Creation of the accounting provided through a csv file (if provided)
  7. Insertion of the reference data dataset defined in the modules user selected for the new client (both, accounting type, and normal ones)

This project's objectives are:

  1. Implement all the logic in a java class (not extending HttpSecureAppServlet) so it can be called not only through user interface, but also from other Java pieces of code (from a module, or a web service, for example)
  2. Remove all xsql code, and re-write it using DAL
  3. Create a new dataset for the document types, so its creation is not hard-coded, but inserted as any other dataset. This way, a module could provided other set of document types to be applied to the client to be created; also will be possible to create a translation for the document types


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