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Projects:Initial Client Setup Refactor/Functional Specifications


Functional Specification


One of the objectives of the project is to have the minimum number of changes for the users. The main difference in the initial client setup UI, and process, after this project, is related to the creation of the document types, but there exists one little one more:

In a new field in the Initial Client Setup window, user will provide the desired password for the user to be created. This is a mandatory field.

Document Types creation

The way document types are inserted currently is hard-coded: all is done through a java piece of code, that adds the correspondent rows in database for gl categories, document types, templates, sequences, etc.

With the new implementation, core will provide a new module to be applied when executing an initial client setup. When accessing initial client setup window, the "core" module itself will be available to be applied to the new client:


If user wants to create document types for the client to be created, must choose the core dataset. If not selected, no document types will be created in this moment. Please notice that, afterwards, user will be able to apply this dataset in the initial organization setup, or enterprise module management windows.

Document Types translation

If a translation for the document types is also installed, user will also be able to choose it as well.

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