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Projects:Integration With Apache CXF/Specifications

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The goal of this project is to create a module that provides an infrastructure that allows to create and consume SOAP web services.

Functional Requirements

The main functional requirement of this project is to have an infrastructure that allows to communicate with external systems using the SOAP protocol.

Technical Specs

Web Service Framework

A first research stage was done for this project in order to decide which Java based web service framework should be taken as the base for our infrastructure. After this stage, the following frameworks were pre-selected:

To determine which framework we should finally took, the following aspects were considered:

Taking into account all of these factors, we finally decide to select Apache CXF as the framework which our infrastructure would be based on.

The following sheet has a summary of all this research stage.

Tasks for Supporting Apache CXF

After selecting Apache CXF option, several tasks were performed in order to ensure that we correctly support this framework:


Apache CXF provides an advanced security API to help in the implementation of secured web services.

To provide this API it is necessary to include big set of libraries into the classpath (together with the minimum required ones).

For this reason, for the moment the use of the Apache CXF security modules has been discarded, and a basic HTTP authentication based in interceptors will be provided instead. This authentication is based in the AuthenticationManager infrastructure, this way it will take into account the standard login features (license, stateless sessions, etc.) in a transparent way.

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