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Projects:Intrusive Alerts/Specifications


Intrusive Alerts - Functional Specifications



Intrusive Alerts is an extension to the current Alerts. But while current alerts do not require user interaction when they are raised, intrusive ones do. This means, that when current alerts are triggered the user simply watches an active alerts counter increasing, afterwards, when the user desires to, he/she can manage the alert. When an intrusive alert is raised, user will have compulsory to manage it.

The goal of these alerts is to inform about urgent issues which cannot be postponed.

For example:

As it is a general alerts extensions it should be implemented using the current alerts implementation (as far it is possible).


The scope of Intrusive Alerts is global. They are shown wherever the user is in the application.


To be possible to use correctly time triggers for alerts the implementation of background project must be completed.


Functional Requirements

Use cases

There are two use cases:

Create an alert

Not everyone can create intrusive alerts, this is restricted to Admin roles.


An alert is defined as:

Receive an alert

Once the alert is raised its recipients will be informed about it in a way they have to attend it before they can continue with their current work in the application.

The decisions a user can take when is informed are:

Business process definition

User interface

According to the use cases there are two needed interfaces:

Alert definition

There will be two ways of creating alerts:


This is the way currently alerts are defined and intrusive alert definition should use the current alert rule interface. Adding to it the new required fields:

Via webservice

A webservice needs to be defined in order to automatize the alerts creation.

Alert display

A new interface must be created for showing intrusive alerts.

It should be a kind of popup (or a floating html div). The information it will display is:

When the alert is raised the message box is displayed with the alert's text. The remind button is preselected and the default value for remind in n minutes is for example 5. If remind button is clicked the popup disappears and will appear in n minutes. If Confirm button is clicked the alert disappears and will not be raised again.

Functional requirements based on business processes

Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
1.1 Prepare infrastructure for the intrusive alerts (new columns and fields in application dictionary) Must have To be started 1d
1.2 Manage this new type of alerts by the current background process Must have To be started 5d
1.3 Create intrusive alert interface Must have To be started 10d
1.4 Use time scheduling to define alerts triggering Should have To be started 4d This requirement depends on background project

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