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Projects:Limit for approvals for count differences in initial cash count and cash up/User Guide


Configuration in ERP

Global Count Difference Limit

Navigate to Organization window and select a organization to configure. On section Retail Configuration set Count Difference Limit, as shown on following figure:

CountDifferenceLimit Org.png

Count Difference Limit for the payment methods

Navigate to POS Terminal Type window and select a item to configure, in tab Payment Method select a item to configure. On section Cash Up set Count Difference Limit and on section Cash Management set Initial Count Difference Limit, as shown on following figure:

CountDifferenceLimit POSTermType.png

Approval Reason

Navigate to POS Approval Reason window and edit/add the reasons, as shown on following figure:

CountDifferenceLimit ApprovalReason.png


Initial Count

When are doing the initial count before opening the store if difference exceed initial count difference limit for Cash payment method, you are asked for approval as shown the following figure:

WebPOSInitialCountLimit Approval.png

Select a user to approve cash difference. Next you are asked for approval reason as shown in following figure:

WebPOSInitialCountLimit ApprovalReason.png


In main menu select option Cash Up to open Cash Up window. Complete a count process and if a difference exceed Count Difference Limit you are asked for the approval reason. As shown in following figure:

WebPOSCashupCountLimit ApprovalReason.png

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