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Projects:Login Page Clean Up/Specs


Functional Requirements

There is not any specific functional requirements, the main goal is to keep the Login page working as usual, but without some parts of the code which are no longer needed.

Technical Specs


There are several things to consider on the log-in part:

Openbravo 2.50 Log-in Page will be removed
The Home servlet will be removed
Some elements of the VerticalMenu servlet will be removed


During the log-out process, a redirect is done to the Log.html before redirecting to the main log-in page.

That redirection will be removed, but still a redirection to the base URL will be done. This is because after this redirection the final logout actions are performed by the AuthenticationManager. Therefore, this will be maintained in order to ensure backwards compatibility.

After applying this change we must ensure that when a session is no longer active the redirect is working fine under some circumstances:

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