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What is a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs are structured marketing strategies designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program.

Loyalty programs encourage shoppers to return to stores where they frequently make purchases. Some of the incentives may include advanced access to new products, additional discounts or sometimes free merchandise.

In loyalty programs:

Objectives of the document

The main objective of this document is to describe the different windows that are used to configure and manage loyalty programs.

Who can subscribe clients?

The first step is configure which terminal type allows this action.


How to configure a Loyalty Program

Document Sequence window

First of all, it is necessary to create a sequence to control the member ID of each client:

Document sequence Loyalty ID.PNG

Loyalty Program window

With this sequence we can start the configuration of a Loyalty Program:

Loyalty program - Header.PNG

Statuses tab

Now, we need to configure statuses of the Loyalty Program. As you can see there is a tab for this, this means that each Loyalty Program can have their own statuses:


Category tab

Next step is create categories of the Loyalty Program. We are going to create three: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Earn Rules

Some bullets about Earn Rules:

How to configure an Earn Rule in a Loyalty Program

Earn rule.PNG

There are some basic EARN rules available:

View larger
View larger

New rules can be deployed in the system using modules.

Category Rules

Some bullets about Category Rules:

How to configure a Category Rule in a Loyalty Program


There is a basic rule available:

New rules can be deployed in the system using modules.

Burn Rules

Once Earn rules have been configured we can focus in Burn Run process:

Previous configuration

Before go into Burn Run configuration it is necessary to configure two more things:



How to configure a Burn Run

It will be possible to schedule a new Process (through the Process Request window) to execute the Burning Process periodically. This process will read the configuration of each Burn execution from a new Burn Run window.

In this window the user is able to introduce as many rules as he wants to apply. These rules can be the same or not and they are ordered by a priority. As we know, each Burn Rule is a custom algorithm, so, we can not review each configuration here.

The Burn Run window has:

After this configuration the user needs to set as ready the Burn run using the button Set as Ready.

There is a button in order to create a new Burn Run copying an existing one. This button is Copy configuration.

Burn RunUserGuide.PNG

Process request

In order to execute this burn configuration the user needs to configure a process request:

Burn configuration

After process the Earn Rule the user can launch Burn Run processes:

Other related windows

In these processes of Earn and Burn we need to take into account other windows that are basic for the flow:

Earned points

This window shows the historical data of earned points by a customer subscribed to loyalty program. Some bullets of the window:

Burned points

This window shows the historical data of burned points by a customer subscribed to loyalty program. Some bullets of the window:

Burned points is located under Subscriptions window


WebPOS Loyalty Subscription Icons

We have icons of different colors to indicate the loyalty program subscription type or status of the customer. These icons follow some rules:

Subscription status Icon
If the customer is not subscribed to any loyalty programNo icon
When customer is subscribed to an exclusive loyalty program which is inactive (inactive or expired)*IconLoyaltyCardExclusive-Error.png
When customer is subscribed to several programs, and all of them inactive (inactive or expired)*IconLoyaltyCard2-Error.png
When customer is subscribed to an exclusive loyalty program which is active (not expired)*IconLoyaltyCardExclusive.png
When customer is subscribed to several programs, and all active*IconLoyaltyCard2.png
When customer is subscribed to several programs, some active and some inactive*IconLoyaltyCard2-Warning.png

* A subscription will be considered inactive if:

These icons appears in two different places. All of them related always with the client:

Icon near name.PNG

Bulbgraph.png   Note: Starting from 3.0RR19Q4, it is possible to scan a loyalty card id in the WebPOS, and the customer and the loyalty program will be automatically selected

How to start a subscription

Subscription can only happen for an already existing customer (editing customer), not when creating a new one. If we try to add a Loyalty Program editing or creating a customer a pop up will appear:

Save required.PNG

According to that, we start the process searching a client:

Customer details add.PNG

Field to start.PNG

Select loy program.PNG

How to add points

Loyalty Points can be added only to a customer having subscriptions that comply with the following,

Navigate to menu select 'Add Points'. If a non anonymous customer is selected in current receipt then customer will be pre-filled. Else customer can be searched and selected from customer selector.

AddPoints CustomerSelect.png

AddPoints Reason.png

AddPoints Approval.png

In back office Added points can be viewed in Back Office Subscriptions -> Earned Points.

AddPoints BackOffice.png

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