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Projects:MMC Remove Rebuild and Restart/Specs



MMC windows contain two functionalities in practice:

a.) Install, Update, Remove modules with logic inside butler to auto-calculate matching dependencies. This algorithm to find a 'consistent set of modules' is not available anywhere else.

b.) Rebuild System + Restart tomcat I put both together and they are just convenient. The same can be done on the command line by usual compilation commands (ant update.database compile.complete.deploy)

Goals of this project

On top:

Reasons for removal

For example 19Q1 project to upgrade logging framework itself was quite small but increased by +1 full week just because of problems to keep this b.) above working

Appliance since moving to Ubuntu has 2-3 ugly hidden design choices, strange things which are ugly and nobody besides myself even knows/understands (could be fixed but better to remove)

Reasons to maybe keep

Upgrading from previous versions

When upgrading from an older version that already supported MMC rebuild + restart, the functionality is still present in the UI because the old code is still being running in Tomcat, whereas the actual code implementing it is not as it executes from the recent installed sources. When a user tries to start the rebuild flow (restart won't be accessible anyway), a proper message should be displaying notifying them the functionality is no longer available.

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