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This User Manual is intended as a reference for end users of Mass Advanced Payments module. It provides guidance on usability from a functional perspective. The steps provided below are based on Small Bazaar sample data.



This module allows people to automatically create advanced payments in bulk for a number of different partners at the same time. Additionally, if the partner is an internal organization it creates the corresponding payment in that organization:


Payment Template

First of all a template must be created. The mass payment wizard will allow the user to select a payment template and will create the payments based on this template.

To create a payment template:

As create matching inter-company payment checkbox is selected, when this template is used, the system will create matching payments for the corresponding organizations.


As for that, the mapping between business partners and organizations should be properly done. To do this mapping:

Now Obelix Quarry SA business partner is mapped to Main organization. Perform this same steps to map:


The advanced payments creation wizard can be found in: Financial Management > Receivables & Payables > Transactions > Mass Advanced Payment. Clicking on it in the menu, the first step of the wizard is displayed. To create mass advanced payments the following steps must be followed.

When the information is ready, click on next button to go to Step 2.


Once is Step 2 it is possible to go back clicking on Previous button.

In Step 2 two tables can be seen. The first one contains a line per business partner. The amount of the payment for certain business partner can be changed. Also, the line can be deactivated and no payment will be generated for the business partner.

The second table displays the payments that will be generated for inter-company business partners. The organization mapped to the business partner is displayed. The bank account for the matching payment can be selected. Also, the amount can be modified.


For instance:


Once the information is ready, the click on the Generate button, the mass payment creation process will be launched. To make sure that the button was pressed on purpose, a pop-up will be displayed to confirm the action.

Once the payment are processed the final window will be displayed. Once again, two tables are displayed. The first one contains the information of the payments generated for not inter-company business partners.

The second table displayed the information of the intercompany payments. The information of the payments of the launching organization (Main) can be seen, and also the information of the payments created in the matching organization (A and B).

There table provides links to navigate to each of the payments. The payments have being created with the information provided in the template and in the wizard.


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