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Projects:Masterdata Creation Management/Specs

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The main goal of this project is to handle the creation of master data model elements from the WebPOS within the new IndexedDB Infrastructure. In particular, the developed solution will be applied to handle the Business Partner model.

Functional Requirements

The functional requirements are focused on the Business Partner model. When a Business Partner is created in the WebPOS:

Technical Specs

The idea is to improve and generalize the current infrastructure that handles the master data creation in the WebPOS.

Endpoint Definition

We are going to define the endpoint concept, this is an entity that the terminals can communicate with. Each endpoint will be in charge of coordinating its online/offline status. And at the same time, the endpoints will be coordinated by the Synchronization Buffer.

With this project we are going to introduce two brand new endpoints:

Note that the MasterdataController was designed to be used as a read only component. Currently it only inserts data with full/incremental refreshes. So most probably it will be reviewed to relax this read only constraint.

The idea is to leave the endpoint definition open to register custom endpoints that will allow communication with external systems.

Global Action

A new global action will be defined. The specs for this action are:

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