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Projects:Match Several Transactions to Bank Statement Line/FunctionalSpecs


Match Several Transactions To Bank Statement Line - Functional Specifications


This project intends to deliver a Match Several Transaction to Bank Statement Line in core's Openbravo ERP.


Current match covers only the single transaction match method. This project will deliver a new feature that will facilitate to Match Several Transaction to Bank Statement Line.


This project will deliver a new API to match several transactions. All core functionality based on old match feature will be updated to support the new one.

Design Considerations



Functional Requirements

Business process definition

  1. Find Transaction To Match pop up.
    1. Allow selection of several transactions at the same time.
    2. Match Several Transactions does not change previous Matching of single transaction.

Functional requirements descriptions

In this section are described all the functional requirements to fulfill this development.

The aim of the feature is to match several transactions to bank statement line. Split bank statement line will be performed as required. Each transaction will have a respective bank statement line with matched amount so that 1:1 relationship exists between them. For the pending amount if any, a bank statement line will exists to be matched later.

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Discussion Items

Open and comment discussion items on project's

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