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Projects:Match Several Transactions to Bank Statement Line/TechnicalSpecs


In this document all needed developments to deliver the project.


This is the list of developments that will be done.

Finds Transaction To Match
  1. Enable multiple record selection set Field:"Selection Type" set as "Multiple" in Tab:"Find Transactions To Match" of Window:"Find Transactions To Match" as shown in the screenshot.FindTransactionTab.png MultipleSelect.png
  2. Enhance ob-aprm-findTransaction.js to get sum of amount of the selected transactions. Check whether sum of amounts is lower than bank statement line amount. If it exceeds show proper error message about it as "Sum of selected transaction amount: <xxx> exceeds Bank Statement Line Amount: <yyy>. Choose transactions whose sum of amounts is lower than the bank statement line to proceed further.ErrorMsgMatchTrx.png
  3. Modify FindTransactionsToMatchActionHandler class to get list of the transaction id's selected and call a new function from APRM_MatchingUtility to handle the list of transactions. matchBankStatementLineWithTrxns is the new function which matches the selected transaction one by one by calling matchBankStatementLineToTrx function which is copy of function matchBankStatementLine. Session needs to be cleared after every 100 transactions.
  4. Modify splitBankStatementLine method of APRM_MatchingUtility to return cloned Bank Statement Line for pending amount.
  5. matchBankStatementLineToTrx returns cloned Bank Statement Line received from splitBankStatementLine method to the new function matchBankStatementLineWithTrxns for next transaction matching in the loop.
  6. matchBankStatementLine calls functions matchBankStatementLineToTrx which is copy of earlier code of matchBankStatementLine.

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