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Projects:Mobile Warehouse Operations/Cycle Counts



NOTES: Offline/risk. Printing. Atributes (IUID/Reference#)

There is no header or line concept when doing cycle-counts. All are one-off's although they can be given a name and with that allows for grouping of the corrections.

Initial screen

PICC01 Initial screen.jpg

The "*" button will default the name to todays date and set the warehouse to the users default warehouse. PICC02 Defaults.jpg


The location bin can be scanned, selected or manually put. PICC03 Select Location.jpg

An error is shown when the user intents to proceed without identifying the storage bin.

PICC04 No Location.jpg

Consequently any product can be scanned or manual put. This will bring up the product and tapping/clicking the line allows to set the quantity. PICC05 Count Product.jpg


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