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Projects:Mobile Warehouse Operations/Goods Receipts


This document has been deprecated. It is going to be removed from this Wiki shortly.

This project has been superseeded by the module Advanced Warehouse Operations (AWO). Specific documentation on the AWO / Goods Receipt procedure can be found here.

Note that the AWO module will take control over all logistic transactions so that it is not possible to just implement a specific procedure like Goods Receipts and continue to use the previous software for other logistical procedures like movements, picking, shipping and physical inventory.

This means that:



This project implements the mobile goods receipt procedure as part of the advanced mobile warehousing project. This procedure can be used for receipts coming from a variety of document-types: ASN, PO, DO and WO.

Creating the Header

GR0102 Scan Document.jpg

The goods receipts process can be executed as a two-step process or as a one-step process:

GR03 Set Receipt Location described.jpg

Creating the Lines

Now that the header is created, the products can be scanned. The operator determines the sequence in which the goods are being received. The product will be recognized regardless if the GTIN (UPC/EAN) or product code is scanned.

GR04 Scan Product described.jpg

The quantity to be received is defaulted from the pending receipts for the product in the document. However, this quantity can be changed with optionally a justification of the change, or the whole line can be deleted.

GR05 Modify Line.jpg
Attributes / IUID

The attributes that are defined with the product will be prompted for input to ensure carry-over. This includes IUID or a system-generated Reference#. (no image)

Complete and Printing

When all lines are scanned, tapping or clicking the DONE button will allow for transaction observations and create the receipt transactions. This will trigger the printing of the label, if that was configured for this warehouse and transaction-type.

GR06 Done.jpg GR07 Printing.jpg

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