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Projects:Mobile Warehouse Operations/User Guide

Warn-icon.png   Important Note: Previous Warehouse Operations functionality is discontinued and unsupported. All supported Warehouse functionality is included now in Advanced Warehouse Operations modules.



This project implements and enhances the management of warehouse operations using the Openbravo Mobile Technology. This project has several phases depending on the movements implemented. Up to now only first phase has been implemented

How to configure the menu


Configuration of goods movements

When the Window Type is set as Goods movements several other fields are shown allowing to have a flexible configuration:

Depending on the configuration you can have different menu entries:


Security Model

The way a user will see a menu entry in the mobile app depends on the warehouse defined in the node and the role the user has access to. Starting from MP17 quantity on hand warehouses needs to be defined in the Organization window

So if the user has a role that has access to an organization where the quantity on hand warehouse is the same as the one defined in the node of the menu then the user will see this menu entry when login into the mobile app.

If the role assigned to the user is a manual one, the user needs to set a preference in order to be able to see the menu.

All of these preferences should be set to 'Y'

Mobile User Interface

Login Page

Go to URL "IP/Context/web/". For example: http://localhost/openbravo/web/

This is similar to WebPOS login page. You can see at the left side of the screen all the users that can login into the app. Clicking on the picture and typing the password you will login

WHM Login.png


In this screenshots you can see the menu and its sub-menus. Just clicking in the menu you can move to its children. Clicking ...Back you move to previous screen

WHM menu 2.png

How to create a Goods Movements


Once the user clicks the menu entry the system shows the screen where to start creating the goods movement:

WHM New.png


To create the lines the user needs to slide the screen to the left. There are three fields to fill. Every of these fields can be entered either using a barcode reader scanner or manually searching

In the Warehouse and Storage bin window every storage bin can have its UPC/EAN defined

WHM Lines.png

When all mandatory fields are filled, that is, Product, From Bin and To Bin a new button shows up Buttonconf.png. Pressing this button you save the line

To change the quantity, the user needs to type the new quantity and press the button Quantity


Once all the lines are entered and everything is ready the user can complete the Goods Movement clicking the button Done

WHM Complete.png

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