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Projects:Modify Ticket


The goal of this project is to add the possibility to load tickets from the backend and edit them.

This will be useful in the future for external modules or simply for users to change from one terminal to another and continue working on the same ticket.

This functionality is as of now only available as part of the OrderLoader API. It's currently not usable from the WebPOS application.

Capabilities and Limitations

Only tickets which are not partially or totally paid, and which are not partially or totally shipped, can be modified. Therefore, currently, only Layaways can be modified.

Any part of the ticket can be modified. This includes the business partner/location information, the receipt properties, and the ticket lines (lines can be added, removed, or modified).

Discounts will be reapplied whenever the lines are modified. This may cause some discounts to be removed, or new discounts to be added, depending on the changes to the ticket.

Taxes will also be recalculated when the ticket is modified. This may cause some changes to the taxes in the ticket if tax information changed after the original ticket was created.

Once the ticket is synchronized to the backend, it cannot be deleted. Lines and discounts can be deleted but the ticket itself can only be voided.


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