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Configuration script definition

Script elements

The elements that can be part of a configuration script are a limited set of Database attributes and Database model changes. The data elements that can be part of a configuration script are defined in a Dataset. The model changes that can be part of a configuration script are hardcoded inside Openbravo.

Backwards compatibility

When a script element becomes a non-script element the scripts containing this element will warn the user saying he is importing as clean something dirty but it will be imported anyway.

Script files

The script will consist in a single file with the information about the changes made in the database model and in the database data that is contained in the dataset definition. The data changes will describe the element that is modified, its old value and the new one.

Exportation tool

The exportation tool allows to export any customization as a set of modules and a configuration script. When this tool is executed it gives:


The way the exportation tool works is as follows:


While the exportation is achieved it can store the list of modules that the script is modifying, these modules will be necessary to apply the script so they should be saved as dependencies for the script. Note that though all they are dependencies there could be other modules that are also dependencies.

Exporting a customization

A common case of use is to export a customization as an industry template. In this case all the new elements that are part of modules should be in the “customization” module which should be checked as “in development”. The result of running the exportation tool would be:

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