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Projects:Modularity/Initial Client Setup


New Initial client setup and initial organization setup for Modularity


Modularity project will provide the ability to include reference data in a package. Once a module has been installed, its reference data packages can be easily applied to a client or an organization when they are created. Updating an maintaining this reference data will also be possible. Examples of reference data are taxes for a particular country, product categories used in a particular Industry or security configuration templates.

Initial client setup and initial organization setup

In Openbravo ERP 2.40 and earlier releases there is a process called initial client setup which allows user to initialize the application for a new client providing not just the client creation but also the main organization creation, a general ledger configuration (generated through the COA provided when running the process) and a set of standard data (standard business partner, standard tax...)

From 2.50 release and ahead, the creation of client and organization will be run in two different processes. One is Initial client setup and the other is Initial organization setup. In each of them you will be able to provide a set of reference data to be applied to.

When selecting reference data in Initial client setup, this reference data will be applied at client level (star organization *), but when selecting reference data in initial organization setup, this reference data will be applied at organization level, to the organization that is created in the process.

Update reference data

From 2.50 release and ahead, there will also be a process to install, update and deactivate reference data. This process will allow to apply this reference data configuration to client and organization level. In the process any existing organization (including start *) can be selected so that any action performed with the reference data will be applied to the selected organization.

Reference data can not be uninstalled, as reference data can be used in transactions and deleting it would mean deleting those transactions, so reference data can only be deactivated.

Closed Discussion Items

EAR: How to manage standard data sets loaded in initial client setup. Will this be automatically loaded as it is right now?? or will it be a set of reference data that can be selected to be loaded through modules?? or maybe we can display a check box in the process that can be selected to decide if we want to include this data set in the installation or not

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