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Openbravo ERP 2.50 Modularity Program


Openbravo is now offering the Modularity Tester Program. This program is being launched in line with ERP version 2.50. This version makes it easier to develop modules through a development redesign. Modularity will offer a few key advantages for anyone in our community looking to add verticals, reports, or features to the product. It will also help those interested in localizing the product.

As a result of the modularity improvements in 2.50, developers will notice the following:

Success for the modularity concept can be measured by:

Proposal Goal

We are actively seeking a limited number of participants interested in taking part in the 2.50 Modularity Program. This document sets out to overview modularity before describing the potential for a win-win proposition.

Participants will be asked to create a simple module with Openbravo support. They will have a specific time length to complete the task, and provide feedback along the way.

Openbravo Modularity Overview

For a complete description of Modularity and it's advantages see Openbravo Modularity.

Win-Win Proposition

In change for your offer to help, Openbravo is offering the following Win-Win Proposition. This proposition is made up of support and services.

Extended Support for Participants

Learn how to create modules with Openbravo ERP. We have a dedicated team ready to ensure that our participants are a success.

  1. “How to Create Openbravo ERP Modules:” A 5 hour web based training. Training is held using the new Openbravo University Platform.
  2. Weekly Live 1 Hour Q&A with Paolo Juvara (Chief Products Officer) and Ismael Ciordia (Chief Technology Officer): November 25, December 2, 9, 16, and 23.
  3. Free Support using Public Forums.

Ability drive Documentation Requirements and Focus

During the process, participants will uncover areas where documentation needs to be improved, and which will help them better create future modules. This is a unique opportunity to ensure that you have all the information you need after training is over.

Quality Assurance and Certification

Free QA testing from our team to help ensure that your module works for the 2.50 production release. Upon successful testing, these modules will have been certified, by our QA team, to work with this version.

Go to Market Notoriety

As a result of your support, you will have the first opportunity to take part in marketing advantages such as:

  1. Be part of an Openbravo Modularity product video demo, with clear references to you/your company and your work.
  2. Opportunity to present your work at the Openbravo World Conference, in April 2008.

Note Presentation opportunities are open to the entire community. Presentation opportunities related to this program are available to participants only.


  1. Oct 30 – Nov. 7: Enroll participants like yourselves.
  2. Nov. 10 – 12: Decision of and Communications to Accepted Participants.
  3. Nov 27: Attend “How to Create Openbravo Modules” (Taped)
  4. December 2 – 23: Module Creation with Openbravo Support and Sessions (Live).
  5. Jan. 16 – Jan. 23: Module Testing by Openbravo for each module.
  6. Jan 23: Openbravo 2.50 live to the Community.
  7. Feb 2: Begin marketing campaign for participants.

*Dates Subject to Change

Requirements and participation process

In order to participate, participants must accept these requirements:

  1. Due to expected demand, Openbravo holds the final decision regarding who is accepted to the Modularity Program.
  2. Participants must be willing to give ½ FTE/week over the course of the program. They must also have a fairly extensive technical background in Openbravo technologies. This includes and a deep knowledge of the core, product, and business processes. They are able to create new modules which require programming skills to develop new functionalities.

To apply, please email with the following information:

Looking forward to working with you!

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