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The multiple business partner selector allows the user to select multiple business partners in the user interface. This selector consists of two main parts:

  1. the user interface widget showing the selected business partners
  2. the popup which allows adding business partners to the select list.

This manual describes a common flow followed by a user. This flow uses both of the main parts of the multiple business partner selector.

Use Case - Using the multiple business partner selector

When a user visits a page which uses the multiple business partner selector then he/she can see the following widget on the page:

Mbpselector 1.png

Initially this widget will often be empty (no selected business partners). Application code can pre-fill the widget with a default set of business partners.

To select one or more business partners the user click the + button. A popup window is shown:

Mbpselector 2.png

This popup window allows selecting one or more business partners by clicking with your mouse on a row.

A single business partner can be selected by double-clicking a row or single-clicking a row (thereby selecting it) and then clicking the ok-button.

There are two different ways to select multiple business partners:

Mbpselector 3.png

Then click the ok button. The selected business partners are shown in the initial page. Note that the popup window is not used to edit the selected set of business partners. It is used to add business partners to the selection.

Mbpselector 4.png

Then to remove business partners from the selected set, there are two ways:

This concludes the description of the main use case of the business partner selector.

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