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Projects:Multiple Selection in Tickets/Functional Specifications


Multiple Selection in Tickets - Functional Specifications


There could be several situations where one action or process is required to be executed on several ticket lines at once, either by a process where several lines are implied or just because the same action/change is required to be done in several lines and the user wants to avoid repeating N times.


1. The development should fit the current WebPOS without a massive change in the way it is visualized and operated.

2. The solution should be suitable to be operated with both mouse and touch-screen.

3. It should not overload more the ticket lines, since there is already limited space.

3. The user should be able to execute any action common to all selected lines in a single step.

4. If there are some particular actions only available for some of the selected records, the action execution should be possible, but, of course, only for the records where it applies.

5. Each action/process should take care of its behavior when acting on several lines.

6. The should be a way to select/unselect all lines at once.

Design Considerations

Add a toggle button in the ticket header that toggle the behavior of clicking lines from single-selection to multiple-selection.

Functional Requirements

Toggle button’s functional specification

Keyboard special case: Ctrl + click

Keyboard special case: Shift + click

‘EDIT’ panel behavior on multiple selection cases

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