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Multisession support

The purpose of this project is to support the ability for multiple users to log in to one terminal. Each of these open sessions might have pending tickets. Every time a user logs in with an open session, the pending tickets will be automatically loaded and shown to the user.

How to use this feature

The user menu contains an item Lock Screen, which allows the user to lock the session:


This option can be opened directly from the menu, or it can be activated also by using the shortcut 0+enter (tap the zero key followed by the enter key) which is a more convenient way for advanced users.

If a user locks the session, the application will return to the login page, but the session will be preserved, with the active and all pending tickets.

In the login page, it's easy to detect which users have an open session in the terminal, because those users will be marked with an orange "clock" icon:


When the user logs again, and an active session exists, its associated tickets will be automatically loaded.

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