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Current callouts are defined in the application dictionary and always require a server side implementation and a call from the client to the server. This has the following drawbacks:

The idea is to make it possible to define a client side callout mechanism. Which does not force the developer to implement logic in the server side. The client side callout will have access to the client side environment (form, grid, current record etc.). If needed the client side implementation should have the possibility to do a server side call.

Feature overview

Users & use cases

There are 2 types of users:


Functional specification


Technical specification

The proposal is to make it possible to define a javascript function which is called when the value of a field changes in the UI. The javascript function can then perform specific actions (set the value of other fields, call the server, etc.).

AD_Field Changes

Server Side Changes

Client side changes

From this information the rest of the system can be reached (item.form, item.form.view, etc.).

For server side calls the new callouts can make use of the ActionHandler concept. See this

User experience design


Planning and Development Effort

The feature seems light weight to implement and can give a lot of benefits for performance. It can make sense to implement the feature as quickly as possible. The proposed planning:

The development effort:

Re-implementing current callouts can not be estimated, it depends on the logic in each callout.



This feature development is tracked using the following issue(s):





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