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Projects:NewCombos/QA-Test Plan

Test Plan

This project affects all the windows across the application, in this areas:

As this is something that changes the implementation but keeps the functionality as it was, existent automated tests cover most of the cases.

In addition, some specific tests to be executed manually focusing on these changes have been written in TestLink, they can be found in 3.0 Test Suite > Platform > combos refactor.


The whole project goal is to improve performance for the FIC cases described above.

After the project, FIC scales much better because its response size is kept stable regardless DB size. In some cases before the project creating or editing a record might simply not work or be really slow (several seconds) and after it, it performs nicely.

Two batteries of performance tests have been executed, results of them can be seen in this sheet, note all of these measures are taken in server side, user experience improvement is expected to be better because it also improves network bandwidth by reducing response size as well as browser computation as it requires to parse much less information:

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