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Projects:NewCombos/Technical Specs



The goal of this project is to refactor current implementation for Table and TableDir references. Currently they are evaluated by FormInitializationComponent (FIC) generating a JSON object containing all the records. The goal is to associate them with datasources so:

All these changes should be transparent in order to do an effective deployment. Existent references should not require of any change. Current references are implemented by ComboTableData (CTD) class. This implementation needs to be revisited to check whether it is possible to optimize perfomance. Currently they are implemented using SQL (XSQL), in order not to change definition it is required to continue using it.

CTD instances are cached in ApplicationDictionaryCachedStructures (ADCS) which is used by FIC. This chaching needs also to be revisited:


A new datasource implementation will be created. It will be in charge of getting values when to populate these drop downs:



As this new datasource is generic and can be accessed through URL, it is required it to take care of security in order to prevent accessing data to roles without granted permissions.


Callouts are executed by FIC. Currently callouts interact with combos in 2 different ways:


Validations are implemented as callouts (ComboReloads) in generated 2.50 windows. Validations now, should be applied to datasource when it is opened. Note that organization field has always a explicit datasource. Validations should not be managed as callouts, they should be computed by the datasource.

FIC can continue computing validations to retrieve first value.

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