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Projects:Openbravo POS Customer module/Functional Specification



This project is to add a customer module to Openbravo POS. This will allow to add fidelization capabilities in Openbravo POS and add the debts of customers.

Design Considerations



This feature will depend on the current functionality of Openbravo POS related to sales orders because now orders may have a customer assigned and to payment methods and closed cash reports.

Functional Requirements

Business process definition

User stories

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

  1. Having a debt field is good, but not generic enough. Customers should also be able to prepay for services, so a better field would be account balance, which could either be a debit or credit (+/-).
  2. I see the Customer already has a card field, which is fine for loyalty cards. But it does not encompass the idea of membership. Generally in a membership, multiple customers can be associated with a single membership. For example, at a gym there would be a single membership, but each family member would have their own card. When the customer is pulled up, you would also want to be able to see the other associated members in the membership.

Closed Discussion Items

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