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Projects:Openbravo POS Data Integration/Functional Specification



This project is to increase the integration capabilities between Openbravo POS and Openbravo ERP. Currently in Openbravo 2.00 the integration consist in the synchronization of the products catalog and the import of the orders generated in the POS. To achieve a deeper integration between the two products we will include the synchronization of the customers list and the warehouse data, and include in the import of the orders generated the customer information.


The goal is to improve the collaboration of both products in order to create a suite of tools that covers all the requirements of the customers.

Design Considerations


The integration will be developed using the current infrastructure of web services used for the integration. These web services will be modified and more methods will be added to achieve the integration of customers and warehouse data. The synchronization of data will be done by the operator of Openbravo POS when executes the actions that start the integration processes.


This feature will depend of the current technology and libraries used for integration: Web services and AXIS.

Functional Requirements

In an integrated environment the master data will be managed by Openbravo ERP. In this scenario the customer information and the warehouse information is managed by Openbravo ERP, Openbravo POS will execute the integration processes in order to maintain the local information of customers and warehouses up to date. With the inclusion of the customers information, now Openbravo POS is able to manage sales orders of customers and then the process that imports orders needs to include the customer information for each sale order.

Business process definition

User stories

Technical Requirements

To synchronize the products catalog the following process is executed from Openbravo POS

public Product[] getProductsCatalog(
   int ID_Client, 
   int ID_Org,
   int POS_Key,
   String Openbravo_User, 
   String Openbravo_Password);

And to upload Orders

public void uploadOrders(
   int ID_Client, 
   int ID_Org,
   int POS_Key,
   Order[] Orders,
   String Openbravo_User, 
   String Openbravo_Password);

To syncronize the customers data a new method is required.

public Customer[] getCustomers(
   int ID_Client, 
   int ID_Org,
   int POS_Key,
   String Openbravo_User, 
   String Openbravo_Password);

The Customer class should contain the fields required to identify a customer in Openbravo POS.

To include the warehouse information the Product class should include the warehouse information status

To include the customer information the Order class should include the customer ID.

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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