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Projects:Openbravo POS Localization/Functional Specification



This project is to localize Openbravo POS not in terms of translating the literals nor the formats of the application but to addapt the rules and processes of Openbravo POS to be able to fit cultural and legal differences of as much countries and regions as possible.


The scope of the localization project is the taxes functionalities, tips and split receipt payments.

Design Considerations


This feature will depend on the current functionality of Openbravo POS related to taxes, sales, reports and all the functionalities that need to be localized

Functional Requirements

User stories

Technical Requirements

In order to have Openbravo POS with a base code base for all countries and regions, all the rules related to localization issues must be implemented with the script language integrated in Openbravo POS. This way the different localization rules and processes will be implemented in the resources table.

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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