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Projects:Openbravo POS Reports Model/Technical Specification


Related files and functions

Package com.openbravo.pos.reports

This is the old java package where the Openbravo POS reports were placed. Now it only contains the common files that support the new reports and chart model. All the old report files have been removed.

Folder reports

In this folder administrators can place new reports created for Openbravo POS. As a proof of concept all the reports of Openbravo POS has been redefined used this structure, making it also easier to modify the default Openbravo POS reports. In the general a report consist of three files:

This file with bean shell script syntax configures all the properties of the report:Title of the report, definition file, resource file, SQL sentence, parameters and fields

This file with extension .jrxml contains the Jasperreports definition. This file can be edited with the graphical tool iReport or any text editor.

These files with extension .properties contains the translated literals of the report.

Menu resource

The menu configuration has been implemented as a new Openbravo POS resource called Menu.Root. Administrators of Openbravo POS can modify and create new menu groups, sub-menu panels and menu items. All the functionality that was available in java for managing the Openbravo POS menu is now available in the resource Menu.Root. As a proof of concept, the menu of the previous version has been implemented in the default Menu.Root' Openbravo POS provides in 2.10.

The syntax of the Menu.Root resource is beanshell script. The script language used in Openbravo POS for macros. Looking into the default menu provided by Openbravo POS you can see all the possibilities provided.

Backward compatibility

As all the reports has been moved. There has been created a function that translates the old report java class news to the new report files in order to maintain compatibility to Openbravo POS implementations upgraded to 2.10.

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