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Projects:Openbravo POS Skin/Functional Specification




The release 2.00, Openbravo POS introduced a way to change the look and feel of the applicacion and also introduced an small set of different themes. With this project we want to go further and create a new look and feel theme for Openbravo POS. This theme will bring a consistent aspect with Openbravo ERP, users will feel that both applications belongs to the same suite and will give Openbravo POS a modern look and feel aligned to the current cutting edge software applications.


To develop a new theme for Openbravo POS consist to create a new aspect for all the user interface widgets like buttons, textboxes, lists, scrollbars, etc. This must not modify the behavior or the functionality of these widgets or any other aspect of the application.

Design Considerations


The new look and feel theme will be the default theme for Openbravo POS, but the user will be able to choose another theme Openbravo POS provides, the system theme and even a third party theme.


The new theme will be developed using the library Substance by Kirill Grouchnikov. This library offers a large set of look and feel themes and also a great flexibility to develop new themes.

The development of the visual aspect, and colors of the Openbravo POS new theme will be responsibility of a team composed by designers.


Functional Requirements

User stories

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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