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Projects:Organization Valid From/Technical Document

This project will be released as a new module available at


Module definition (development related parts)

Application Dictionary Changes

A new column called "EM_ORGVF_VALIDFROM" will be created in the Organization table. This column is mandatory, having 01/01/1900 as the default value.


No dataset is needed

Java Code


Java class in charge of the background process that activates/deactivates the organization based on the valid from field.


Data Access Object used by the OrgValidFromProcess class to access the database using DAL (Hibernate)

P/L Code


Extension point to the end of the C_INVOICE_POST procedure that checks the invoice's acct date <= organization's valid from date. In case this check is not true, and exception is raised rolling back the C_INVOICE_POST and avoiding to complete the invoice


Trigger before insert and update on the AD_ORG table. It ensures the organization's active flag is set automatically based on the valid from date and the current system date.

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