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Projects:Outbound Email/Demo Install


Demo Data Requirements

The function of this document is to outline the requirements and steps to install a working Email Integration into the 2.50 demo server.

Email Accounts

Email accounts are required for the following information:

Template Data

Email Monitoring

It will be a requirement for validation and security to monitor the usage of the email accounts created for the users and the email admin. We need to ensure that the accounts do not get used for spam purposes.

IT Support to monitor usage patterns to confirm no abuse.

Dataset Requirements

The following data will be required to enable this demo:

  1. Email templates
    • Templates required for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices
  2. Document Templates
    • Check valid templates exist for Purchase Order, Sales Order, Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice
  3. Email Server
    • Update client - adding email server details
    • Add email accounts to users email field
  4. Valid documents that email without an action
    • 'Complete' some purchase orders and sales orders to enable them to be email without the user having to 'complete' them in order to send the emails

Potential Issues

In order for a user of the demo application to fully test the email functionality they will need to alter the destination email address, for the business partner contact they are attempting to send the email to, so that the email is forwarded to their own email address. This will mean that these email addresses may become public information and publicly viewable.

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