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Projects:Outbound Email/Technical Documentation


Outbound emails - Technical Documentation


This article will explain how to proceed in order to implement the printing/sending documents functionality.

Technical design

Point of Contact window

Document type template window

Email template window

Printing Report


Emailing Report



This document describes the steps needed to configure the print module.

1. Configure the email server

Go to menu: General Setup -> Client -> Client

TAB: Poc configuration

Smtp Server: The Smtp Server which the openbravo server can use to send emails

Smtp Authentication: Smtp server need authentication

Smtp Server Account: The account used to login to the Smtp Server

Smtp Server Password: The password used to login to the Smtp Server

2. Configure the documents

Go to menu: Financial Management -> Accounting -> Setup -> Document Type

TAB: Report templates

Separate Document templates can be defined for different organizations.

Template Location: The location where the document template can be found

Template Filename: The filename of the jasper reports file

Report Filename: The name of the resulting report

The Report Filename can use the following tags. These tags will be replaced with the proper values when a document is send

@cus_ref@ => The reference of the document which the customer specified

@our_ref@ => The reference of the document within openbravo

@cus_nam@ => The name of the customer

@sal_nam@ => The name of the sales rep.

Template Location can have the following tags:

@basedesign@ => The location of the 'design' folder (normally: src-loc/design)

@baseattach@ => The location of the 'attachment' folder

TAB: Email definitions

Each Report template can have email definitions which are used as a default message when sending the report to the customer. These templates can be defined per language.


Document Type

Standard Order

Template Location: @basedesign@/org/openbravo/erpReports

Template Filename: RptC_OrderPO.jrxml

Report Filename: StandardOrder-@our_ref@

Warehouse Order

Template Location: @basedesign@/org/openbravo/erpReports

Template Filename: RptC_OrderPO.jrxml

Report Filename: WarehouseOrder-@our_ref@

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