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Run start.bat on Windows or on Linux to start the Openbravo POS.

This starts the application in a maximised window. It is possible to start the application in fullscreen mode as would likely be required in a deployment scenario.

The lower part of the screen lists all of the current valid accounts.

You can log in as any of these users by selecting the relevant icon. You will not be prompted for a password until a password is assigned to the selected user.

Sales workflow

Choose the sales window from the left hand menu options.

Using a barcode scanner

Simply scan the barcode. Each item scanned which has an entry in the stock table will add an entry to the sales ticket.

If you have sold more than one item of a product, you can press the + sign to increase the amount of items. You can also use the - sign to decrease the quantity. If the quantity is one and you press - it will erase the item.

When all of the items have been scanned, press the equals = sign on the screen and the payment options dialog will appear.

The dialog has options for cash, cheque, electronic payment. Choose the relevant option e.g. cash and type in the amount handed over by the customer. Openbravo POS will calculate the change. Press OK to complete the transaction and return to the sales screen.

Using a keyboard or the on screen keypad

This functions much as the barcode scanner does. Simply type in the barcode number and Openbravo POS will lookup the barcode item in the stock table. When enter on the keyboard, or green tick on the screen is pressed, the item will be added to the current sales ticket.

Using the catalog

Openbravo POS maintains a catalog of current stock items, if icons have been added in the stock management screen they are displayed on the bottom right of the sales screen using images loaded into the database at the time of the stock update. If the images are not added to the stock items, the items will not appear in the catalog window.

To use these icons to make a sales transaction, select the category the stock item is in. Type in the number of items to be sold on the on screen keypad, press the multiply button * and only then choose the item itself from the catalog window. If only one item is to be sold, don't bother with the number or the multiply button, simply press the item's screen icon. The required number of items will be added to the sales ticket. When all of the items are added, complete the transaction as per the barcode scanner.

Selling general items which don't have barcodes/stock entries

You can type the price and then press the + sign. It will add a line with the price to the ticket.

Closing cash

Closing cash allows you to see the sales of the day and prints a report for the day's sales.

  1. Under Main go to Close cash
  2. Click on close cash. A message box will appear and will ask you if you are sure. click yes.
  3. A report will print on the default printer for the payments and sales.

Manage cash closings

You can see the cash closings on a certain time frame. To do that go to Main, Cash closed and select a start and end time.

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