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Projects:Paged Datagrid


Paged Datagrid


The current Datagrid implementation has a number of issues when used with big tables (read thousands of rows to display in a grid)

To address this issues in this project a change to the Datagrid will be implemented which introduces the concept of paging of the grid. The changed Datagrid will be limited to only show a total of 10.000 inside the scrollable area at one time. New buttons will be added to allow the navigation between these pages.

Project Details

The changes of this project are planned to be included in both the 2.40 and the 2.50 branch on Openbravo.

They will be done in two separate development branches until the development and QA process is completed.

The process of converting an existing selector to the new paged datagrid is documented here

Technical Details on the implementation

Project Status

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