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Projects:Parameter Windows Phase 3/Functional Specification



This phase of Parameter Windows project aims to cover all the functional gaps detected in order to be able to reimplement AP/AR windows (Add Payment) as Parameter Windows.

Missing Features

Below the list of features that have been detected as requirement to support APRM windows refactor.

Parameter Position in Row

Parameter Windows are rendered in a 4 column layout form. By default each parameter is positioned at the right of the previous one.

This capability allows to force the column position of a given parameter.

JS Pre Actions

When button to execute process is clicked, it will be possible to define a JavaScript function to be executed before invoking the backend Handler.

This function (manually coded), can:

Actions executed by this function can be asynchronous (requiring backend calls or user interaction). To support it the function will receive as parameter a callback in charge of invoking the Handler, this function is responsible of calling it in case the process should be finally executed.

Parameter Callouts

Implemented as JavaScript functions, in the same way field's On Change Function.

These callouts should receive as parameter the whole parameter window context, so they can modify other parameters including values in grid parameters.

Grid Callouts

(Check current status)

Fields in grid parameters can execute callouts, these callouts, in the same way the ones for regular parameters, have access to the param window context so they can modify regular parameter values.

Grid Display/Read Only logic

Treating grid as a regular parameter it should support Display and Read Only Logic.

Multiple Grid Parameters

Currently, Parameter Windows allow only one parameter defined as a grid and it is always placed at the bottom of the window.

Grid parameters should be treated as regular ones:

Backwards compatibility considerations:

Subordinated Default Values

Currently default values are evaluated without taking into account dependencies.

Implicit Filter in Grid

In the same way selectors do, allow to define implicit filters in grid to be displayed as filter values, so user knows how it is filtered and can remove (some of) them.

Grid Field Validations

Overwrite P&E field properties

Before opening the popup an ActionHandler call is done sending context info which can define specific settings per field (visible, editable, sortable, filterable). It affects fields in grid and params.

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